The God of Shiloh Hours, God of itannago Aiyeraiye Ariyke Tosin has done it in my life. I appreciate God for his mercy over my life,have been having an irregular menstruation for some years now and which I have been treating with the help of doctors and qualified nurses and even with the help of herbal medicine but no any difference/ cure. Last week, on Wednesday during Shiloh prayer when mummy and the man of God prayed inside water, mummy  asked us to bring… after using it to bath and drank of the water, and received a total deliverance/cure from God.. Praise God

My name is Tunde Amokeodo. Am a Uber driver, I met Mama Shiloh in by chance shortly before the August Shiloh program and I attended. I was specially prayed for and the word came out that I will be handed a car key this August , shortly after the shiloh program I conveyed a client and we exchange numbers, he frequenlty calls me anytime he wants to go for an occasion. On 28 August he called me and give me a car on hired purchase without dropping a dime. The God of Mama Shiloh is God of wonders, I am so greatful to God for turning my life around.

Hello Mummy, Eku ise Oluwa ma, Hallelujah!!! to the most high God, have put to bed yesterday  night, shiloh hour baby has arrive, thanks for all your prayers mummy, I really appreciate how God have been using you to bless the world,more anointing ma.

Praise the Lord brother’s and sister’s , I am here to God. Mummy you prayed for me during the prayer and fasting session that finished last week which I never missed for one night. You prayer and prophesied to me on live stream that I will get a job. Behold I received from a company inviting me for an interview. But the mysterious thing there is that I didn’t know how and when I applied for the job. After the next day I got an offer letter of employment. I glorify the name of the lord. Mummy I thank you so much may your days be long.. Ugochukwu from UAE.

Good afternoon mummy, after so many rejections { at least 22 interviews}, God has finally shown me mercy and wiped my tears. I finally got a job today in one of the big 4 global accounting firm ,like you say Testimony is my name. Please join me in glorifying God almighty, in due time I will fulfill my pledge to him.

God of shiloh has done it again, I don’t know where to start because God of shiloh is a powerful mercyful, unchangeable daddy. God of shiloh is unbearable, unbreakable God, thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.

Hello ma, I want to testify to the glory of God, I went to court about my immigration case and I got a letter today to say that I am approve to stay in the country. Please help me shout halleluyah. God has blessed me through your annointing .


God  of shiloh has done it again, I joined shiloh hour late last year 2017 and this year 2018 God have done a marvelous thing for me and my family. I got my document this week, my brother and sister in the lord put your trust in God, its only God of shiloh that can do it.

Praise the lord, I joined shiloh hour when I came out of detention in January 2018, I joined in the prayers online and asked God to grant me my stay in United Kingdom. Mama shiloh prays with me and advice me to pay my tithes regularly to God and I will see the wonders God will do in my life. I started paying my tithes and praying to God, devil brought different challenges along the way but God was always at my mercy. I remember when I was going for my court appeal, I called mama shiloh and she said God has grantend me favour beyound my expectations. I waited so long but everytime I call mama shiloh she always ask me to be patient that God has granted me my stay. I received my residence card yesterday to God be the glory. Praise the Lord.

The lord has done it for me mummy, I thank God that I met you on facebook and you said I should go for 3 days fasting that God will surprised me about my permit. This morning I received a call that I should come for my permit, am so happy after 11 years, the lord is so good to be praised. Mummy thanks for your prayers and your love ma. God will continue to upload you and your family.